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OFTR Updates Policy to Include Electric Dirt Bikes

OFTR Updates Policy to Include Electric Dirt Bikes

On October 3, 2022, the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) announced an update its policy with an announcement regarding electric bikes.

"The OFTR and the off-road community have witnessed an increase in sales and interest in electric off-road motorcycles," said a press release. "With Surron and others starting to increase manufacturing of these bikes, the OFTR wanted to ensure all types of off-road motorcycles are welcome on OFTR trails."

The policy specifies that all types of off-road motorcycles are permitted on the trails as long as they meet the requirements set out by the OFTR and the Off-Road Vehicle Act (insurance, plates, 17-digit VIN and OFTR membership). The OFTR also clarified that "electric off-road motorcycles are not e-bicycles or pedal-assist models as they have no pedals." They also differ from gas-powered motorcycles in that they make little sound and produce zero emissions.

As of September 2022, Surron Light Bee units in Canada & the US were being delivered with a 17-digit VIN, allowing them to be plated for use on motorized trails where required.

Kellee Irwin, President of the OFTR Board of Directors, stated the importance of incorporating electric motorcycles in the OFTR. “We want to be a thought leader in our sport and support our Members," Irwin noted, "which is why it was important to do this.”

The OFTR is comprised of several federation groups that oversee a vast trail network for motorcyclists in Ontario. To find out more, visit https://oftr.ca.

The OFTR is celebrating  30 years as the voice of off-road riders. The OFTR provides resources and advocacy for Ontarians who love trail riding and exploring the great outdoors. In partnership with our affiliated clubs, we source, create and maintain a trail network for responsible off-road motorcyclists.