About Us

DIAN Motors Inc.

We are Canada's exclusive distributor for Sur-Ron Electric Motorcycles, offering full support for sales, service, parts and accessories. We always recommend you buy from a local official Sur-Ron agent for comprehensive support and genuine parts. 

Sur Ron

Sur-Ron was founded in 2014 by three motorcycle and hi-tech enthusiasts. With a 30 Million USD of investment and a team of 40 engineers the Hi-Power E-Dirt Bike has come to life. This group of industry leading specialists combines the best in system engineering, developing the intelligent systems and implementing cutting-edge technology, and vehicle design, product development and manufacturing.  Today Sur-Ron employs more than 100 employees developing and manufacturing the highest quality E-Bikes in the business. Already achieving an internationally coveted Red Dot design award, this is the start of a range of ground-breaking performance products.