Storm Bee

Storm BeeSur Ron Storm Bee

Sur-Ron Storm – Full Size Electric dirt bike.

Sur-Ron has once again set the new benchmark for high-performance, electric off-road motorcycles. Benefitting from Sur-Ron's proprietary powertrain and motorcycle design concept, the Storm Bee has an extremely high standard of performance. 0-80km/h comes in only 3.6 seconds due in part to the elimination of frequent gear shifting and clutch control.

North America Release: Q2 2022

Price: TBD

All three version of Storm Bee will be distributed through our North America Dealer Network. If you are a power sports dealer, you are welcomed to join us. 
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Storm Bee Frame


The high-strength and ergonomic frame structure was designed exclusively for the Storm Bee platform, which shows advantages in both stiffness and flexibility, which greatly increases the riding experience. The compact three-layered arrangement of battery pack, MCU, and motor minimizes the unsprung weight and balances the Storm Bee. The 45° steering angle and unique 1436mm wheelbase enhances off-road maneuverability while also maintaining excellent high-speed stability.

Storm Bee Battery Pack

Powerful and intelligent battery pack

Storm Bee combines an intelligent packing solution with a safe and efficient battery management system module. Storm Bee features a 90V 48AH Sony VTC6 Lithium-ion battery that weighs 30kg and can be fully charged in 3-4 hours. Storm Bee offers a 105 KM range.



Use different riding modes to adapt different riding conditions. ECO mode can maximize the range; RAIN mode will gently generate power to protect you from potential riding hazards; SPORTS mode can output full power and excites all of your nerve fibres, and don’t forget the furious “TURBO” mode. No matter if it is dirt track, off-road trail, or racing circuit, you can always rely on your Storm Bee.

Limits the power output to maximize efficiency and range. No more range anxiety, just enjoy your riding. 

The power output of Storm Bee is gentler and smoother while ASR (Active Spin Reduction) activates more aggressively, preventing the rear wheels from spinning on wet and slippery surfaces.

Turn on the SPORTS mode to make Storm Bee respond much more aggressively. Balanced performance is top priority.

TURBO mode allows for a burst of extra power for a short period. Unleash the “Storm” in Storm Bee.

Previously unseen on traditional dirt bikes, a reverse gear comes standard on Storm bee. This feature makes it easier to manoeuvre in limited spaces whether parking in the city or pulling the bike out of a ditch in the wild.

The indicator illuminates when the bike is live or ready to move, the indicator flashes if the throttle is actuated and the bike is moving.

The transmission ratio can be adjusted according to different wheels and sprocket sizes to make sure the speedometer always shows the correct speed.

Storm Bee ASR

Storm Bee comes standard with a multi-level, adjustable energy regen system. This gives you extra range while riding, so you can enjoy the riding without the anxiety.

The traction control system (ASR) is independently developed by Sur-Ron. It is also a multi-level, adjustable system and can be adjusted easily during riding to adapt to a variety of road conditions to obtain maximum grip at all time and make cornering more secure.


Storm Bee Full adjustable customized  performance suspension system

Full adjustable customized performance suspension system

Special designed for Storm Bee, a high-performance 47mm inverted front fork with 290mm effective travel. Rear shock absorber with 115mm effective travel. Customized and tuned by Sur-ron top suspension engineering team for electric motorcycle only. By attending worldwide cross-country competitions and get tuning experience and suspension data from those races. Eventually find the balance between comfort and off-road sports performance.

Storm Bee Specs


Storm Bee


Storm Bee

 Storm Bee