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New Surron Models Heading to 2023 Toronto and Montreal Motorcycle Shows

New Surron Models Heading to 2023 Toronto and Montreal Motorcycle Shows

DIAN Motors Inc., the exclusive authorized Canadian distributor of Surron electric  bikes in Canada, is excited to be presenting the brand new 2023 Surron Ultra Bee and new Storm Bee F models to the public for the first time at The Motorcycle Shows in Toronto and Montreal. The Toronto event runs from February 17-19, with the Montreal edition following a week later, February 24-26.

Curious enthusiasts will get their first look at the Ultra Bee, a midsize electric off-road machine revealed in late 2023. The latest offering in Surron's all-electric lineup, the Ultra Bee has piqued the interest of many off-road riders because of its versatile size and features like traction control and multiple riding modes. The Ultra Bee is sized perfectly between Surron's light, compact Light Bee X model and the full-size Storm Bee. With an MSRP of $7,999, the Ultra Bee has the potential to establish a strong presence and become a top-selling electric model in the off-road category.

The 2023 Storm Bee F will also be seen at the Toronto and Montreal shows for the first time. The final production-ready version of the Storm Bee comes with a powerful 104V battery pack (up from 90V in the pre-production version seen in 2022), has a top speed of 110 km/h and is designed as a multi-purpose dirt bike for the casual off-road enthusiast.

The Surron Canada booth will also feature the new phantom purple edition of the Light Bee X. This new limited-edition colour will be displayed alongside the three existing colourways in the Light Bee X lineup.

Visitors interested in electric technology are urged to visit the Surron Canada booth, ask questions, sit on some bikes and learn more about what makes Surron poised to lead the electric charge in 2023.