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Ontario Light Bee Race 2: Gopher Dunes - Surron Canada

Ontario Light Bee Race 2: Gopher Dunes

Ontario Light Bee Race #2

Another Surron Light Bee exhibition race was held on September 15, 2022 at one of Canada's most well-known MX tracks, Gopher Dunes. The track's location between Toronto and London allowed several new riders from Southwestern Ontario to come out and race. The Friday date kept a couple of hopeful riders away, but there was a solid field of eager racers on hand for an evening of electric moto mayhem.

After open practice in the afternoon, a rider's meeting was held at 5:30 with Ryan Gauld of Amateur Motocross Ontario (AMO) to go over the basic rules and race format. Action got underway with a couple of sighting laps, followed immediately by a 5-lap qualifying session to set the field for the main event.

The top 2 finishers from the previous Ontario exhibition race, Kaes Knights and Kale Skywood, were among the entries. They were greeted by a crop of fast new riders, including a trio of Pro MX aces - Tyler Scott, Preston Masciangelo (representing MX Performance magazine) and Tristan Dares - ensuring the pace would be fast from the get-go.

Other notable entries were Billy Rainford of, local fast vet racer Dan Tricco (representing Surron dealer Parkway Yamaha), and Paul Goldsmith of local London Surron dealer Hully Gully.

After the dust of qualifying had settled, it was time to head into the first of 2 motos that would determine the overall standings for the day. While the experts duked it out at the head of the pack, a strong group of relatively unknown amateur riders kept the excitement going mid-pack. It was great to see these guys having fun, discussing their bike setups, and giving  their all on the track.

After two five-lap motos, the Pro riders on hand swept the podium (results below). Tyler Scott went 1-1 for the top spot on his bone-stock Light Bee. But not everyone wins, which is why all riders went home with Surron hats, shirts and gloves; the top amateur riders also won gift certificates ranging from $200-$50 to spend in the online store.

The next Surron Light Bee exhibition race will be held at XTown, north of Montreal, QC, on Saturday, October 15. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for info as it becomes available!

Surron Light Bee Exhibition Race
September 15, Gopher Dunes
1. Tyler Scott
2. Preston Masciangelo
3. Tristan Dares
4. Kaes Knights
5. Dan Tricco

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