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Light Bee Racing 101 - Surron Canada

Light Bee Racing 101


The first race of the Ontario Surron Light Bee MX Series is less than 3 weeks away! To make sure you're prepared, we've put together this brief article with must-know info.

Ontario Light Bee MX Series FAQ

1. How do I register?

Registration will be on-site the day of the event from 2-5 pm.

2. What is the cost?

There is a $10 gate fee, which covers the cost of your Light Bee race entry. There may be an extra fee if there is open practice in the afternoon. Your gate entry gives you spectator access to the day's racing, too.

What is the schedule?
Date            Track                       Location
May 20       Sand Del Lee         Ottawa, ON
June 10      Gopher Dunes       Courtland, ON
July 1         Walton Raceway    Walton, ON
Aug. 26      Auburn Hills           Auburn, ON
Sept. 23     Motopark               Chatsworth, ON

What are the rules?

- Bikes must be a Surron Light Bee X or S model (Segway version permitted). No Ultra Bee, Storm Bee or non-Surron brands.

- Riders will be classified into Mod (powertrain mods OK) and Stock (battery, motor & controller must be stock). All riders will race together, but will be scored based on class

- Modifications to the chassis, wheels/tires, suspension, bolt-ons, etc. are permitted in both classes

- Riders must wear a proper motorcycle helmet. No open-toe shoes (boots recommended). You may be filmed or photographed, so dress for it!

- AMO will score each session and track the points over the 5-race season

Can I participate even if I've never raced before?

Yes! While there will be experienced racers on the track, you're welcome to show up and see if racing is for you. There will be open practice before the real racing begins so you can get comfortable with the track.

What do I need to bring besides my bike?

Bring your own riding gear. It is also suggested that you bring a power source for charging your battery, or bring a backup battery. Otherwise, bring a full charge and keep an eye on your battery life!

What’s the raceday schedule?

There will be an open track for Surron racers from 3-4 pm. The Light Bee races will be held as part of AMO's evening festivities, starting around 5-6 pm. Riders are guaranteed 15 minutes of pre-race practice followed by heats and final rounds. Number of laps and racers in the finals will depend on turnout and track size.

Will there be prizes?

Yes. The top 3 at each race will receive a trophy and prizes/payouts (TBA).

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact AMO owner Ryan Gauld at or send an Instagram message to AMO Racing or Surron Canada.

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