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At Surron™, we ride ahead of the world. Our unique electric off-road bikes are revolutionizing the riding experience.

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Welcome to the pinnacle of two-wheel electric performance. Surron electric bikes offer a clean, quiet riding experience with strong power and torque in a chassis tuned for off-road. Explore our model range and prepare to take your riding to electrifying new levels.

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The All-New 2023 Surron Ultra Bee

Featuring a 74V/55Ah lithium ion battery and weighing a scant 187 lbs (85 kg), the 2023 Ultra Bee is the exciting new electric dirt bike from Surron.


•12.5kW peak power (more than double the Light Bee X)
•Max range of 140 km (87 miles) at 40 km/h (25 mph)
•90 km/h (56 mph) top speed
•0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 2.3 seconds
•3 riding modes (Eco, Daily, Sport)
•Traction control, regenerative braking, adjustable throttle sensitivity
•4-hour charge time via conventional 120V wall outlet

The 2023 Ultra Bee will be sold as an off-road model in Canada.

MSRP: $7,999 | ETA: May 2023

2023 Storm Bee F


Light Bee X

Details & specs

Light Bee S

Details & Specs

2022 Product Brochure

High Efficiency center placed Motor

High-Efficiency, Centre-Placed Motor

A high-performance, brushless, permanent magnet synchronous motor was designed and developed specifically for the Light Bee. Mid-mounted and air-cooled, this PMSM motor has high power density, motor speed and temperature resistance with strong torque output.

Battery Pack

Battery Pack

Using a 18650 lithium battery cell and regenerative braking, the Light Bee's battery pack produces sufficient and stable power. A monitoring system ensures safe load capacity and long service life. The whole battery pack weighs only 11 kg and can be inserted or removed from the bike in less than 10 seconds. Easy to charge anytime, anywhere.

Excellent FOC Intelligent sine wave controller

FOC Intelligent Sine Wave Controller

Surron™ independently designed and developed its proprietary controller. With a multi-curve, compound algorithm program and real-time monitoring of throttle position, speed, motor torque and current intensity, the controller will continuously analyze your daily riding data and adapt to your riding habits.